We Recycle Scottsdale’s Electronics!

Boy Scouts from Troop 446  helps businesses and municipalities eliminate electronic waste.

Responsible Recycling

Boy Scouts provides recycling services for computers, electronic equipment, metals and plastics. Recycling is completed by disassembly of the components and then returning the metals, plastics, and other commodities back into the manufacturing stream. Our recycling partner, Westech, recycles in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Equipment Removal

If you have off-lease or surplus equipment occupying your valuable warehouse or office space and you would like it removed in a fast and efficient manner, Westech will take care of your asset removal and recycling needs. We understand that some businesses are not equipped with loading docks and don’t have the ability to shrink wrap and palletize their equipment. When needed, our vendor Westech may provide complete removal of the equipment directly from your facility, depending on the size of the pick-up

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